CAVITE INSTITUTE is a rich ground for learning. We advocate the continuous process of acquiring knowledge, developing skills and maximizing the students’ unique gifts.

Here, everyone learns from each other and every activity is learning. Teacher training and development is one of CI’s cornerstones. Faculty learn from each other and so with the students. Student leaders acting as elder brother or sister helps in both enrichment and remediation endeavors. We also involve parents in education so that the school and the home are synchronized to help each other towards our students’ optimal learning.

Hence, students are provided with opportunities to know more about themselves, hone their gifts and talents, interact with each other, understand their surroundings and work for the good of his peers and the CI community. Faculty members demonstrate collegiality in dealing and relating with their colleagues. Parents are involved in activities that will foster better relation with their children. They are given opportunity to understand issues that may have bearing on their family life – socio-economic, environmental as well as spiritual.