Entrance Examination

The school requires students to take the admission entrance examination for diagnostic and placement purposes. There are scheduled dates for applicants to take the exam. Qualified applicants will be notified as soon as possible, Students may proceed to enrollment right after receiving the test results and feedback is given to parents or guardians.


  1. When a student registers in Cavite Institute, it is understood that the student is enrolling for the entire school year and is expected to complete the course in the said period.
  2. For enrollment purposes, the name and other personal data or circumstances of each student as officially indicated on the student’s certificate of birth, or alien certificate of registration, if applicable, shall be strictly observed and followed.
  3. Late enrollees may be admitted if they register beyond the specified registration period but which in no case shall exceed two weeks after the opening of classes.
  4. No pupil or student shall be officially enrolled unless proper school credentials are submitted on or before the end of the enrollment period. Continuing students should have settled all financial and/ or academic obligations (if any) to the school from the prior school year.
  5. Any forgery or falsification of document, or any misrepresentation discovered by the school shall also be a ground for withdrawal of the admission. Should the discovery of said misrepresentation or forgery be after two weeks of the opening of classes, the learner shall be subject to disciplinary proceedings.